List of some projects in which Bioresco is / has been involved

1. Authorization of new food/feed ingredients
  • intense sweetener in the EU and other Western and Eastern European countries for use in food and feed
  • flavor ingredient in the US (FEMA-GRAS)
  • antioxidant in the EU and other countries (also JECFA)
  • antioxidants of plant origin for use in food and feed
  • fat extender and texturizer in the EU, other European countries and the US
  • fat substitutes
  • sugar substitutes (Europe, US-FDA, JECFA)
  • polyunsaturated fatty acids (as novel foods) in certain EU Member States
  • enzyme inhibitor as a processing aid/food additive in the EU
  • dietary fiber (as a food/novel food) in certain EU Member States and other Western and Eastern European States
  • vitamin derivative for use in fish feed (Europe)
  • preservative for use in certain foods in the EU
2. Toxicological studies
Bioresco is advising clients on the amount and type of safety data that are required for obtaining regulatory approval of new food additives, novel foods and processing acids. Assistance is provided at all steps of the project, i.e. development of study protocols, monitoring of the study, reporting and publication of results. For the practical conduct of the studies, Bioresco can advise clients about appropriate contract laboratories or university institutes.
3. Food Labels
  • elaboration of labels for foods, dietetic foods and food supplements marketed in European countries
  • scientific and regulatory scrutiny of advertising and information leaflets, and of health related claims on food labels
  • defense vis-à-vis food control authorities of clients' specific viewpoints on certain aspects of labelling
4. Formulation of new foods with particular health benefits
  • registration/notification of dietary supplements in different countries
  • formulation of new foods with particular health benefits
  • formulation of new health foods, foods for particular nutritional purposes and dietary supplements
5. Registration and notification of new food products
  • Preparation of articles for publication in scientific journals
6. Regulatory databases
Bioresco's office supplies regularly updated databases on
  • meeting reports and minutes of the European Commission's Scientific Committee for Food
  • regulations and directives (full text, orginal and consolidated versions)
  • past and forthcoming events related to European Union food legislation
7. Representation of clients vis-à-vis the Commission of the EU
  • preparation of position papers on scientific or regulatory issues for submission to - and discussion with members of the Commission of the EU and the European Parliament
  • representation of clients at meetings with EU officials, EU trade associations, etc.
8. Other work