About us

Bioresco Ltd.

is a consulting company that advises a broad range of clients on scientific and regulatory issues concerning their food and feed products. The company, which was established in 1986, is based in Basel, Switzerland.

Regulatory and scientific services
With the harmonisation of the European food and feed regulations and the opening of a Single European Market, new and challenging opportunities have arisen for the European and overseas-based food and feed industries. At present, however, the rapidly changing regulations and the parallel existence of national and Community legislation pose many problems. The fact that the European Commission increasingly delegates tasks back to national advisory groups, and that the opinion of Member States plays a decisive role in the legislative process, contributes further to the complexity of the European approach. Moreover, language barriers, differences in the interpretation of the food regulations, and differences in the consumer perception of foods continue to exist.

In this changing environment we assist our clients to:

  • develop and implement regulatory strategies and action plans
  • conduct the safety evaluation and safety assessment of new food and feed ingredients
  • prepare registration dossiers and obtain national and EU approvals for new food and feed ingredients
  • expand the marketing opportunities of existing products by expanding the range of authorised uses for food and feed additives
  • defend existing products and markets that may be threatened by forthcoming regulations
  • obtain national approvals for food serving a particular nutritional purpose
  • prepare labels for foods in different EU Member States and abroad
  • scrutinize claims on food labels and in advertising for compliance with national regulations
  • identify, monitor, and assess the impact of legislative developments on the clientÕs business
  • liaise and lobby for clients at the various EU institutions in as far as scientific and regulatory issues are concerned

Our international experience, scientific background and broad network of contacts are the assets that ensure the development of efficient strategies and the implementation of action plans to achieve these goals.

Diverse clients with diverse needs
Our clients are as diverse as the regulatory and scientific issues they face. They range from smaller companies with limited R&D staff or little European experience, to some of the largest international corporations. In close consultation with our clients, we assist in the design, monitoring and evaluation of scientific studies, as well as in the preparation of product registration dossiers. We help our clients to collect and interpret existing scientific results and, if needed, to produce new data in a cost-efficient way. We work to avoid regulatory problems whenever possible, and to solve them when necessary. We provide a prompt and professional services suited to the specific needs of each client.
Extension to different countries
With the global nature of the food and feed markets, authorisation for new products is usually sought in several countries or even on a world-wide basis. Moreover, multinational trade agreements (EU, NAFTA, MERCOSUR, GATT) provide possibilities for new regulatory strategies. In recognition of this development and the persisting differences between national regulations, we have setup a network of contact points in other countries.

In view of the trendsetting impact of the US-FDA, we have, for example, developed close working relationships with US-based experts in food and drug related regulatory affairs. Established collaboration also exists with colleagues in Canada, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, China, Japan and different European countries inside and outside the EU. Due to this network of working relationships, we can provide our clients with a fast information and expert assistance in different countries.

The enclosed biographies review the primary areas of Bioresco's senior consultants. They both have served in leading positions for major food or pharmaceutical companies before joining Bioresco. This enables us to put the various problems of our clients into perspective and to achieve solutions.